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synchronized REXP org::rosuda::JRI::Rengine::idleEval ( String  s,
boolean  convert 
) [inline]

This method is very much like eval(String,boolean), except that it is non-blocking and returns null if the engine is busy.

JRI 0.3
s string to evaluate
convert flag denoting whether an empty or fully-converted REXP should be returned (see eval(String,boolean) for details)
result of the evaluation or null if the engine is busy

Definition at line 568 of file Rengine.java.

References rniEval(), rniParse(), Rsync, org::rosuda::JRI::Mutex::tryLock(), and org::rosuda::JRI::Mutex::unlock().

        int lockStatus=Rsync.tryLock();
        if (lockStatus==1) return null; // 1=locked by someone else
        boolean obtainedLock=(lockStatus==0);
        try {
            long pr=rniParse(s, 1);
            if (pr>0) {
                long er=rniEval(pr, 0);
                if (er>0) {
                    REXP x=new REXP(this, er, convert);
                    return x;
        } finally {
            if (obtainedLock) Rsync.unlock();
        return null;

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