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String org::rosuda::JRI::Rengine::jriReadConsole ( String  prompt,
int  addToHistory 
) [inline]

JRI: R_ReadConsole call-back from R.

prompt prompt to display before waiting for the input.
Note: implementations should block for input. Returning immediately is usually a bad idea, because the loop will be cycling.
addToHistory flag specifying whether the entered contents should be added to history
content entered by the user. Returning null corresponds to an EOF and usually causes R to exit (as in q()</doce>).

Definition at line 458 of file Rengine.java.

References callback, DEBUG, jriWriteConsole(), org::rosuda::JRI::RMainLoopCallbacks::rReadConsole(), Rsync, org::rosuda::JRI::Mutex::safeLock(), and org::rosuda::JRI::Mutex::unlock().

            if (DEBUG>1)
                  System.out.println("Rengine.jreReadConsole BEGIN "+Thread.currentThread());
        String s=(callback==null)?null:callback.rReadConsole(this, prompt, addToHistory);
        if (!Rsync.safeLock()) {
            String es="\n>>JRI Warning: jriReadConsole detected a possible deadlock ["+Rsync+"]["+Thread.currentThread()+"]. Proceeding without lock, but this is inherently unsafe.\n";
            jriWriteConsole(es, 1);
            if (DEBUG>1)
                  System.out.println("Rengine.jreReadConsole END "+Thread.currentThread());
        return s;

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